2 thoughts on “Zamp Solar 600 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  1. Segio

    You can get these flashlights at Costco, they’re about $20 for a pack of 2. The light comes from an efiniceft white LED, so doesn’t take a lot of power. The flashlights have a supercapacitor in them, which is charged by the solar cells. There is also an actual lithium coin cell in them, to use as backup power in case there isn’t enough sun. Keeping the flashlights on the window sill in Hawaii seems to be enough to maintain the charge, never need to go to the backup battery.

  2. Teknisi

    Myself, I would buy 2 top of the line batteries and leave them surceed in the truck with the inverter. Then make a heavy gauge cable as suggested already but have two male ends on it. Plug one end into the inverter and the other into your existing wall socket (the end is hot so be careful). You don’t have utility power but if you did trip the main breaker and you have your electricity. If you have a remote car starter then you can fire up your truck from the comfort of your bed if you need a charge.I seem to remember that DC loses much more over distance than AC so keep the DC part short and heavy gauge. Convert to AC as close to the source as you can then do your long run using AC.Or even better.. put the batteries and inverter in your daily driver.. they get charged when you run to the store and when you get back you run the cable to a wall outlet and your back on.. My plan is to use an old vw beetle 1300cc motor I have mounted to a stand. Use cheap car alternators from the “pick a part”. The added bonus of the beetle engine is they are air cooled and I could pump the heated air into the house. Or into the greenhouse..where ever.For things like this I agree that going cheap is not a good idea but I also like to think of other ideas as well. If I can get more than one use out of something then it is worth twice as much.. I.E. a vehicle I need anyway and it powers you house.. 2 for 1Spend the money on good batteries and inverter.. then use what you have to feed them..Its mobile and easy.. Add to the system once you get out there.. wind, solar.. or go with a diesel genny and make bio-diesel.I am entirely not convinced with solar panels at this stage.. unless you get then cheap.. thats a lot of fuel for the same $$


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