Solar Power battery

The Solar Power Battery

Solar energy is the current in thing as far as energy goes and the fact that global moguls and international figures like Al Gore and Richard Branson are advocating it will only increase its popularity. The amount of solar energy available across the globe is enough to power the entire planet several times over and should be taken advantage of as often as possible.

In order to have a system that is capable of meeting all the energy needs in the home and office there are several components of the solar system that must be in place. From the panels themselves to the inverters and converters - the solar system must be accurately set up for it to work efficiently. Core to the solar system to be effective is the solar power battery system that is responsible for storing all the reserve energy the solar pane has been able to harness through out the day. The batteries store the excess energy and on a day when there is not enough sunlight to power the systems in the home, then the reserve can be used.  There are different types of batteries available, though they all have the capacity to store the required amounts of energy at any point in time.

The first category of batteries is the sealed version that does not need to be refilled with battery acid. This is this preferred version of batteries as they are simple and easy to maintain and handle and they tend to have long warranties. The second version is the refill batteries. These require additional refills of acid time and time again for them to perform at optimum levels and they are just as good as the sealed version but may not last as long. 

The solar power battery is at the core of the entire solar powered home and it is important that it is durable and maintenance free.