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  1. Martina

    19 volts is the usual voltage for laptop power bricks, but maybe yours is really 18. That 3.2 amps is generally the maximum power drawn, when the laptop is up and running disks, LCD backlight, and all. So if you want to charge the battery while the laptop is off, 1.25 amps at 18 volts should be enough.However, you will need to be certain that your panel will really produce 18 volts and 1.25 amps at the same time. A panel sold with an open circuit 18 volts is generally intended to run at 14 volts or so, to charge a 12 volt battery. At 18 volts, the current will be minimal if you can even get that high on a warm day.Can’t hurt to try, I suppose. Hook it up, and measure the voltage when connected to the laptop. If it stays at 18, you’re good to go. If it drops, you need more panel.


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