1 thought on “Deka Gel Battery 8G8DLTP 225 AH

  1. tom king

    Tom King Consortium Inc.
    288 S Harbor Blvd
    Anaheim,CA 92805

    Dear Sir/Ma,

    I would need your pricing on any of the under listed products,

    #1, 100 – 200ah 12v battery
    #2, Shurflo 9325-043-101 submersible pump
    #3, 11 Sq Flex 2 Grundfos pump.
    #4, 130 – 250 watts solar panel
    #5, AC/DC Refrigerator

    Also,I would like to know if you stock any other items apart from the above listed while I look forward to hearing from you shortly..

    Tom King
    Tel: 562-246-8180


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